General Questions

Ai-Live is an inclusive live captioning service, providing accurate, real time, speech-to-text of spoken word content in a range of situations, such as in the workplace, at conferences, in schools and in universities.
To enable Ai-Live captioning, an audio feed is taken from a room and sent to our offsite captioners via one of a range of audio solutions. The captioners then create captions live, through either respeaking or stenography, and stream these captions back to the viewer via the internet, providing speech-to-text within seconds.
1. Full Text captions that aim to capture all the meaningful words that are spoken; and
2. Simple Text captions that deliver a single idea in a single sentence. To deliver these our captioners remove metaphor and figurative language, as well as breaking down complex instructions into a single instruction in a single sentence. Simple Text is especially useful for students with autism (or ASD) who have audio processing issues. It can reduce the anxiety caused by trying to process too much information. Students for whom English is an additional language also benefit from simplified captions to support access to lesson content.
Simply register your details on our website and we’ll be in touch with you to setup your account. Click here to join now.
Ai-Live is accessible by any web-enabled device such as your iPad, tablet or laptop.
Our captioners need to receive a clear audio signal which can be obtained a number of way including using a landline, mobile phone, conference phone, or Skype call over a Wi-Fi network.
No, Ai-Live is not an App and no software is required. All you need is a device that can access the Internet.
You can order a transcript when you make your Ai-Live booking and it will become available within your Ai-Live user portal within 24 hours.
There are three ways that you can join your session or view your captions. You can also ask your web browser to remember your login details so you don’t need to enter them each time.

1. User log-in: go to, click on “Sign in”, enter username and password, then click on the active session (highlighted in green) under “Quick Join”.
2. Session ID: go to, click on “Join My Session”, enter session ID for the active session.
Basic link: we can send you a link created for the active session which opens a new web browser for you to view your captions.

For more information about our pricing, please contact us.
Yes. There are a range of different government funding options to assist you to access Ai-Live captioning.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing can receive funding via the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF). The EAF provides up to $6,000 per annum for live captioning services for workplace related activities such as meetings, teleconferences and training.

There are two funding options for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the UK. Access to Work (AtW) provides funding for people in the workplace up to £40,800 per annum for live captioning services. Higher education students who are deaf or hard of hearing can receive funding via the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

Your captions may stop auto-scrolling if you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser. The most common cause is that the scroll box has moved up from the bottom of the scroll bar when the window resizer button in not in “Maximise” state – if you hover over the button it will say “Restore Down”. This cases the captions page to become stationary while captions are continuing to appear at the bottom of the page but out of sight.


To ensure that the caption viewer auto scrolls make sure that the Internet Explorer window resizer button is on “Maximise”. You can check that the window resizer is in this position by hovering over the button with your mouse and checking that it says “Maximise”. Then make sure the scroll box is at the bottom of the scroll bar.


If this workaround still does not work. Try using the caption viewer in a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

Security Questions

Ai-Media servers and storage in Australia are co-located in a secure tier 1 data center in Australia and for the UK they are located in the UK.
Session data and transcripts are stored in a secure Oracle database that sits behind our firewalls.
The Ai-Live system only makes the transcript file available to users who were assigned to that session. Transcript data can be deleted automatically from the storage immediately after the session or retained in the database for a period of time as per customer requirement. Data retention is set for 1 year but can be set to 0 if required.
All User authentication is done via encrypted passwords using PBKDF2 with SHA512 (RFC2898).
Yes, our Ai-Live Coordinators and Captioners are bound by a code of conduct, and uphold the Ai-Media Confidentiality Agreement.
The Ai-Live system runs over Ai-Media’s private network which has been tested to optomise security and performance. Regular maintance and testing are conducted to enhance the security infrastructure.
Only registered Ai-Live Users, Captioners and Administrators assigned to the session and people with the secure session ID can access the live captions.
Reference checks are completed for all new employees.
Servers are owned and operated by Ai-Media. Servers are held in secure external data centres.
Our Ai-Live infrastructure is located in separate data centers. Should one of the data centers be damaged, data will be transferred to another center automatically.

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