The Power of Live Captions: Access, Instantly.

Converting spoken words into text and sending over the Internet in real-time.

No Software

Accessing Ai-Live captioning requires no software to be installed. All you need is a device connected to the Internet and an audio source that allows our captioners to convert the spoken words into text.

Open Up The World

You could say Alex Jones, co-founder of Ai-Media, had a keener interest than most in creating access for people with disabilities. Alex was born deaf. While his achievements in acting, educating and advocacy for people with disabilities are legendary, Alex grew up not having the same level of access as his hearing friends.

Then Alex met Tony, another keen advocate for people with disabilities. Tony, having returned from a Rhodes Scholarship in Oxford, was looking to make a meaningful impact in the world. So together they started Ai-Media – a company devoted to improving the quality of life for people with disability using technology and social innovation.

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Benefits of Captioning

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