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Are you holding a conference? Do you want to make it accessible?

It’s not hard. We’ve helped hundreds of companies make their events accessible.

Live captions benefit the viewing experience for all delegates, whether they are deaf or hard of hearing, have English as an additional language, or if they simply missed any dialogue spoken by a presenter. In addition to live captions during the event, you’ll also receive a transcript afterwards, which you can make available to your delegates. What about the technical set-up? We’ve made Ai-Live as easy as possible, find out how it works.

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Conferences, Forums and Events

At your event, our live captions can be displayed on screens for all to view as well as being accessed through any personal web-enabled devices. Unsure about the technical set-up? We’d be happy to chat to your audiovisual technician to sort out the finer details.

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Online Webinars and Webcasts

We can provide you with a link to the live captions, which you can make available to your viewers, or we can create an iFrame code for you to add to the webinar page, allowing the captions to be streamed below the video.

Technical Setup

Live Audio

AV desk



AV Desk Options

For events and conferences, we’d be happy to liaise with your onsite audiovisual team to discuss options for providing access to our remote captioners. Just put us in touch with your AV team and let us work out the best set-up for you.


Connect your laptop to an external microphone and connect with our live captioners via a Zoom call. Zoom can be used as your live captioning audio source at work, events, university and school.

Mobile Phone

Let us know what number to call, and either place the phone in front of you on loudspeaker, or if presenting as a single speaker, connect the headset and position the microphone close to your face to pick up your voice.

Live Captioning Display


Internet Connection

Ai-Live captions are streamed over the internet, so you’ll need to be connected to the web to display the captions. For events we recommend using a wired internet connection as Wi-Fi connections can be prone to drop-out.

display options


You can display the live captions via a projector or TV screen connected to a laptop so that all attendees can view the captions, or attendees can view the captions on any web-enabled device.


Live captions are viewable on most current browsers. Our recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Make your next event accessible.

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