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Life is happening now. Don’t miss a word.

For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, it’s challenging to fully participate in the verbal communications taking place every minute of every day. Live captioning provides access to spoken dialogue displayed on a screen and delivered in real-time.

We use real people, not computers to convert speech into text to ensure the text matches what’s being said. This all takes place using the internet to stream the words live to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Ai-Live provides access and inclusion anytime, anywhere.

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Where can you use Live Captioning?

Ai Live Captioning for Work


Use live captions for meetings, training sessions and teleconference calls. In addition, a transcript of your session is made available within 24 hours. Through your Ai-Live account, you can view your captions, book sessions, access your transcripts, and add any tricky jargon to your dictionary to further enhance the quality of your captions.

Live Captioning for Schools


With deaf students being 2.5 times less likely to complete high school compared to their hearing counterparts, live captioning can make a difference by providing real-time access to spoken content. For students impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder, captions reduce anxiety providing a focal point for the delivery of information. Live captions also improve literacy and language comprehension for all students.

Live Captioning for University


Live captions benefit students who are deaf or hard of hearing, are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, have Dyslexia or have English language needs.  Receive live captions for your lecture and a transcript immediately following the class. Send us your students’ timetables and we’ll book the whole semester of captioning for you.

Live Captioning for Events


Live captions greatly enhance the value of your event. Not only do live captions make your event accessible to delegates who are deaf or hard of hearing, they also assist attendees who have English as an additional language and help anyone to catch dialogue they may have missed.

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Benefits of Live Captioning

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Your captioning experience is yours. Make and manage your own bookings online with ease. Completely personalise the way your captions look and communicate with your captioners directly. View more features.

Live Captioning - How it works

How Live Captioning Works

Live captioning is designed to never interfere with your meeting, lecture, or event.

We simply need to hear what’s being said. To caption you, we have to hear you. There are a number of ways to achieve this including a direct telephone call, Skype call, live webinar or online lecture.

Our captioners create real-time captions by re-speaking what they hear into voice recognition software that they have specifically trained to their voice. These are then streamed over the internet to your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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