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Get the access you need, when you need it, under the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national government system providing people who are Deaf and hard of hearing with accessibility services. We are a nationally registered NDIS provider. Our live captioning and transcription solution Ai-Live supports you by enabling full participation in family and community activities to enjoy everyday life.

Where can you use Ai-Live Captioning under the NDIS?

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Live captioning provides certainty and consistency for you and your family. No need to miss out anymore on speeches at those special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and church services.

At the Doctor


Optimise communication during your audiologist, cochlear or doctor appointments.  With live captions you don’t have to miss out on important medical terminology being used and confidentiality is guaranteed by not having a third person in the room.



Attend council meetings or community events. Become pro-active at your body corporate and strata meetings without having to miss out. Note taking is not required because your live captions come with a transcript after the session, enabling you to also share the transcript with others.



Build your skills to be more involved at work or learn something new at your local community college. Direct access in real-time to the spoken English language via live captions enables full participation, while transcripts provided afterwards are useful study notes.

What are the cost of live captioning under the NDIS

The cost of live captioning varies depending on the situation when you require live captioning.
We differentiate between Standard and Complex live captioning.


Standard captions are used for occasions where there is only one main person speaking. For example medical appointments, church services, speeches at weddings or birthdays. For Standard captions your voice will not be captioned and a transcript of the live captions is immediately available to you after the live session.


Complex captions are best for events and meetings where there are multiple speakers. If you choose Complex, your voice will also be live captioned and you will receive a transcript of the live captions immediately after.

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How does live captioning work?

Live captioning is designed to never interfere with what you are doing.
To provide captions for you, we simply need to hear what’s being said. There are a number of ways to achieve this including a simple phone call or via an internet connection.
Our captioners create real-time captions by re-speaking what they hear into voice recognition software that is specifically trained to their voice. The text captions are then streamed over the internet to your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

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