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Live captions for school.

Ensuring access to education for all children in the classroom.

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Deaf students are 2.5 times less likely to complete high school compared to their hearing counterparts.

Live captioning can make up this difference through providing deaf students with real-time access to spoken word content.

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Benefits of live captioning for students in the classroom.

Impact for students affected by autism.

Ai-Live also has a positive impact on students impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), by reducing anxiety and providing a focal point for the student. We’ve created Simple Text captioning for students with ASD, which removes figurative and metaphorical language as well as providing one idea per line, allowing a greater level of understanding for students with ASD.

An unexpected impact for teachers.

In 2013, we were well underway with a live captioning trial with the Victorian Department of Education for 30 deaf students in 12 Victorian schools. The University of Melbourne completed an 18-month evaluation into the effectiveness of live captions and discovered that, not only were they helpful for the students, but teachers were changing the way they taught because they were reviewing the transcripts from their lessons. This observation gave rise to an idea – how could captioning help teachers and improve the outcomes for students. We began working on a new project with the University of Melbourne called The Visible Classroom.

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