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Teleconference Phone

Typically used for live captioning in the workplace, a teleconference phone will pick up the audio of participants around a meeting room table. For larger meetings, extension microphones should be purchased.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones can be used for small meetings, events, school and university sessions. Either place the phone in front of you on loudspeaker, or if presenting as a single speaker, connect the headset and position the microphone close to your face to pick up your voice.

web tele conferencing

Web and Tele Conferencing

Web and tele conferencing services such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype or WebEx can be used as your live captioning audio source at work, events, university and school.

AV desk

AV Desk Options

For events and conferences, we’d be happy to liaise with your onsite audiovisual team to discuss options for providing access to our remote captioners. Just put us in touch with your AV team and let us work out the best set-up for you.

LMS on Square

Learning Management Systems

We have a range of experience providing Ai-Live for different Learning Management Systems (LMS) in universities and can take a live audio feed from all prominent LMS to provide live captioning.



Wired Internet

A wired internet connection via an Ethernet cable is the most reliable internet connection and is strongly recommended for live captioning at events. If possible, use of a wired connection in the workplace, at university or schools is also recommended.



A wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection is generally reliable enough to use Ai-Live in any situation. However, Wi-Fi connections can drop out on occasion, causing the live captions to stop streaming.

4G Dongle

3G/4G Internet Dongle

3G/4G internet dongles are an effective way for you to access Wi-Fi on the go. Internet dongles are mostly effective, but they do rely on mobile reception to be able to connect to the internet.


laptop tablet

Any web-enabled device

Ai-Live captioning can be viewed on any web-enabled device, such as your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, in the workplace, at events, school or university.

TV and Projector

Projector or Television

 For events, you may wish to display live captioning for all delegates to access. Simply log on to view Ai-Live on your laptop, and connect this to a projector or television via HDMI or VGA.

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